Will Ethereum (ETH) Bulls Make A Great Comeback for the Coin?

  • ETH coin is continuing its good run since the beginning of the ongoing month

Ethereum was also part of the bear onslaught in the current bearish crypto market till the end of the last month. The beginning of November has seen ETH price rise. The one-month price movement shows the price oscillating in the range of $160.82 – $193.15 indicating that the bulls are ready to strike any time soon.

Ethereum Price Comparison

ETH price seems to be doing well after the initial hiccups. The price was at $178.19 on October 17. The price went down to $160.82 by 9.22% on October 23. After this, the crypto market started looking upwards for the price of Ethereum, and it rallied to 19.41% on October 26 at $192.042. The price had a fall on November 01 and reached $179.39, fall being 6.41%.

The price fluctuation continued, and it had an upward trend and shot to $193.15 on November 06, rise being to the extent of 7.67%. On November 12, the ETH price lowered to $184.47 which was a fall to the tune of 4.49%. Ethereum price is showing the tendency to keep its upward momentum as today the price has again risen though slightly to $186.33, rise being 2.11%.

Ethereum (ETH) Forecast

ETH can leave the bearish wave behind now as its price has shown a positive upward trend since the beginning of November. Day traders can make good gains but advised to trade cautiously as the crypto market is very speculative by nature.

UK Teen Arrested For Hacking Unreleased Music And Trading Them For Cryptocurrencies

A hacking incident and crypto scam case is hitting the headlines in the UK. Now it is a 19-year-old teen who has been booked for stealing unreleased music from a globally reputed music company. The suspect’s name and identity have not yet been revealed by the PIPSU (City of London Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit) and Manhattan District Attorney’s Office.

The 19-year-old allegedly crept into the Company’s website and cloud-based accounts and therefore, had to be detained by the authorities. The suspected hacker sold the unreleased songs of the artist against cryptocurrencies which is even a far greater offense.

The Manhattan DA’s office was very prompt in its action and quickly sprung into investigation just as the IFPI informed them about the Crypto scam case. IFPI is an organization representing the recording industry throughout the world. IFPI informed PIPSU that the alleged miscreant involved in this crypto scam and copyright infringements could be a resident of London. Soon PIPSU released an arrest warrant of the suspect in and around North London and the suspect was arrested from his house at Ipswich.

Nick Court, an inspector from PIPSU, lauded this achievement for the tireless efforts of the authorities in this crypto scam case. He added, “Today’s action marks a significant point in our investigation into the individuals responsible for stealing music and selling it off against digital currencies.” In an event, the inspector in his support to the media producers said that such pilfering acts are unjust and unworthy for any mercy. The amount of unfaltering efforts that the music producers make in this amazing art should be looked up with respect. This kind of crimes causes significant financial loses to these people who try so hard to produce such amazing music.

According to Cypher Trace, the blockchain security company, cryptocurrencies have been increasingly being used by criminals nowadays, for various illicit activities. He added that cryptocurrencies have a layer of secrecy that facilitates such crimes. However, digital currencies like Bitcoin are secretly entering the entertainment industry thereby making it more vulnerable to such crypto crimes.

Tim Draper Appointed to the Board of Directors of MakeSense Labs

On September 9, 2019, MakeSense Labs announced that it had appointed venture capitalist Tim Draper to their Board of Directors. MakeSense Labs recently took the headlines on storm by launching the most talked messaging system called Sense.chat. It is the first decentralized video and chats messaging system that uses blockchain technology for security and privacy purposes. Advanced cryptography along with a robust EOS blockchain technology ensures delivery of messages in the most secured way so that privacy is never compromised.

Draper is among the popular names who first invested for Companies like Skype, Baidu, and Tesla. His suggestion to weapon viral marketing to spread these platforms proved to be the key to their success. Draper is a notable cryptocurrency and venture capitalist who has been in the headlines since 2014 when he first invested in the crypto industry. He also purchased thirty thousand Bitcoins at a government auction. In the same year, he predicted that there would be an exponential surge in the Bitcoin prices in three years. His predictions were proved correct when the prices of Bitcoins leaped to $10,000. However, it took two months longer than what Draper had predicted.

However, before being appointed to the Board of Directors of MakeSense Labs, Draper has been associated as an active investor with Sensay Inc. He staked an undisclosed investment in Sensay. Inc through his venture capital firm named Draper Associates. It is the parent company to Sense.chat that created tools for improved human connection. According to John Schenk, the CFO of Sense. Chat, “we are very happy to have him on our board.” He also added, “Tim is among the most respected VCs in Silicon Valley and a major proponent for blockchain technology.”

Another Round Of China And US Bilateral Trade Negotiations In Early October

Amidst the ongoing trade war between the US and China, the cross-strait relations are at the worst, but a new ray of hope has emerged after the news about upcoming talks between the US, and China has been confirmed.

The US and China officials have confirmed that they had held a telephonic round of communication on September 4, 2019. The news confirmed that another face to face round of negotiations would be held in early October. But the date of the meeting has not been confirmed yet.

The telephonic conversation was represented by Liu He, Chief trade negotiator from China, US Trade Representative, Robert Lighthizer, and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin.

US Trade Representative Spokesperson confirmed the telephonic conversation but, didn’t disclose about the October meeting.

Whereas, the Ministry of Commerce China has released a statement about the upcoming bilateral trade negotiations in October. The release discloses that the leaders from both the nations will resume another round of trade discussions in early October at Washington DC.

The Outcome of the Previous face to face Discussions

After the bilateral talks in July, the trade relations between the two nations were strained. After the discussions, the US President Donald Trump imposed 10% tariff on $300 billion worth of Chinese imported goods, which was further raised to 15%.

China counter-attacked US by enforcing 10% and 5% tariffs on $ 75 billion worth of US goods.

Trump further did two more tariff hikes in early August.

The war has been played on technology, finance, and currency fronts. The deteriorating relationship between the two nations have affected stock markets across the globe and has affected many major economies depended on these nations.

Owing to the next year’s Presidential Elections in the US, Trump is exhibiting more aggressiveness towards China so the ambiguity will likely to prevail over the relations, but for now, the stock markets have seen a sudden upsurge because of this news.

The telephonic talks are observed as a positive step towards boosting two-way relations. As both, the sides have agreed upon taking practical actions to yield positive output.

Zhong Shan, Chinese Commerce Minister, Governor Yi Gang from People’s Bank of China, And Ning Jizhe, Vice Chairman China Economic body, also participated in the telephonic discussion as per the release.

Facebook Hires FS Vector Lobbying Firm Amid High US Regulatory Pressure on Project Libra

Ever since Facebook officially announced the launch of its digital coin Libra, back in June, the US lawmakers have increased scrutiny on it.

In order to deal with a regulatory backlash, Facebook is receiving due to Libra announcement, and the social media giant has hired a lobbying organization FS Vector –US-based lobbying company. FS Vector is regulatory compliance, business strategy, public policy and advisory firm that helps fintech, financial organizations, regtech, and other innovative firms to deal with challenges and develop the momentum required to progress. FS Vector was founded in 2018.

As per O’Dwyer PR report revealed on August 26th, Facebook and FS Vector are working jointly.

According to lobbying registration reports filed with the Congress on August 23, mentions that Facebook the tech giant company has retained FS vector as its client, commencing from August 5th to function on ‘issues related to blockchain policy.’

According to the filing, the associate of FS Vector, John Collins will act as a lobbyist for Facebook firm. On the LinkedIn page of Collins, it is mentioned that he has served Coinbase – crypto exchange firm as the head of policy, starting from September 2014 – January 2016. Prior to this, he worked as a senior employee for the US Senate Committee on Homeland Security and governmental affairs. He has also worked on the first congressional investigation and hearing on cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, back in 2013.

While in August, Menlo Park-based firm recruited Susan Zook –ex-aide to US Senate Banking Committee Chairman Mike Crapo, as a lobby for Libra project. Facebook also recruited ex-senior bank lobbyist of Standard Chartered, Edward Bowels in June 2019.

FS Vector is not only the lobbying firm to be hired by Facebook for its crypto Libra project, but other lobbying companies are also hired such as Sternhell Group, Davis Polk- the law company and the Cypress Group.

The official announcement of Facebook’s Libra project has disturbed regulators across the world. The main area of concern is with regards to customer privacy and protection, which the firm has found breaching privacy of users, in recent times.

Soon after the Facebook’s announcement, in July the US regulators proposed a bill named ‘Keep Big Tech Out of Finance Act,’ the objective of this bill is to ban any technological firm of specific size from developing, operating or managing a cryptocurrency.

This new move of Facebook comes at a time when the company is experiencing high pressure from US regulatory authorities over Facebook’s plan to launch its global digital coin Libra by 2020 as a payment platform.

Meanwhile, on Sunday, Maxine Waters- the US representative and who also runs the House Financial Services Committee, mentioned that talks with lawmakers in Switzerland failed to clear her concerns on Facebook’s crypto plan.

Earlier it was reported by Politico that the social media firm had invested more than $7.5 million in 2019 on lobbying attempts for Libra project with several third party lobbying companies.

The database collected by ProPublica also reveals that Facebook has hired Off Hill Strategies and Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner in June and July to concentrate on blockchain policy issues.

Last week, after their meeting with Swiss government authorities and local lawmaker agencies, the US House of Representatives Financial Services Committee members mentioned that their doubts were unclear on ‘allowing a large tech company to create a privately controlled, alternative global currency.’

Due to high US regulatory pressure, some of the members of Libra Association- a non-profit organization that overseas Libra, are thinking of stepping back.

Binance Coin records 2% downtrend trading around $26 again in a day

Alt heading: BNB may climb up to $29 by the end of the month

Meta description:

Planning high investments in the BNB token may prove to be beneficial in the long run as the crypto may rise up to $33 by the end of the next month.

Main article:

  • Binance attracts new users by selling Perlin tickets on the platform
  • Binance Coin may go bullish from next month onwards

Binance Coin has given some continuous days of slow trends, but the coin is still a high performing asset and may turn up the heat by going bullish soon. The current market performance of BNB token indicates rising trends ahead.

BNB Price Statistics:

As on August 24, 2019, at 09:10:46 UTC, the price of BNB token is noted to be $26.42. The coin has recorded a downtrend of over 2% in the last one day dipping from $27.00 to its current value. At first, BNB was observed to be rising up and surged up to $27.31 before it started on the downward path again. BNB was seen to be trading around $26.86, in the beginning, today but has fallen further down over the last few hours.

  • The price of BNB currently is $26.42 and 0.00261796 BTC
  • The market cap of the coin has reached $4,126,161,488
  • The 24 h volume has reached $165,168,482
  • The ROI of the coin is >9000%
  • The circulating supply of the coin is 155,536,713 BNB

In the last 30 days, the highest recorded value of BNB was $31.30, and it has slipped a lot since then. In the last 7 days, the coin recorded highest at $29.06, and it may take another one week for the coin to reach up to this value.

BNB Price Prediction:

BNB has given some record-breaking performances in the months of June and July this year, and the rising trends may return soon for this coin. It may happen suddenly, so keeping a close watch on the movement of BNB once it crosses $30 is important. The coin may rise up to $35 in the next 2 months and may set a new record high by trading above $40 by the end of this year.


This can be regarded as a perfect time to plan good investments in the BNB token. The coin is giving >9000% ROI for the last 4 months, and it may continue to be so in the remaining months of the year as well.

Verge (XVG) Price Analysis: Will the Price Of Verge Continue Its Downslide?

ALT: Will Verge Price Recover in The Short-Term?

MD: Verge has been continually reeling under the bear pressure and has a long way to go before the price shows some sort of recovery.

  • Verge (XVG) price will take a long time to recover as seen from the weekly price chart.

Verge (XVG) is a popular coin on the blockchain platform which has been severely hit by the current crypto market volatility. The bears have been continuously on the move for the past week with the prices continually in the downward range. The XVG community has not been able to take any decisions though Verge has great growth prospects. The short-term looks bleak for XVG with the weekly price fluctuating in the range of $ 0.0054 – $ 0.0065.

Latest Statistics

As on July 31, 2019 at 5:38:17 UTC, current statistics is as below:

  • Current market price of XVG is $ 0.0057
  • Current rank is 72
  • Current market cap is around $ 90,583,688
  • 24 h volume is at $ 783,506 
  • ROI is at a great > 9000 % and Circulating supply is at a sound 15,852,770,439 XVG

Price Comparison

The 7-day chart shows a narrow and flattish price fluctuation for XVG with the bears pushing the price in the lower range. On July 24, the price was at $ 0.0055. In a matter of 8h 10m, the price rose to $ 0.0061 to the extent of 10.47%. With the bearish sentiment in full swing, the price went down to $ 0.0057 on July 25 in a span of 19h 50m to the tune of 5.66%. In 1d 15m on July 26, XVG price had a good rally to the extent of 15.19% with the price rising to $ 0.0065. From there the bears took control totally with the price sliding down to $ 0.0055 on July 28 within 2d 2h 15m to the extent of 15.94%. The price has gone up slightly today by 3.64% at $ 0.0057. The trend shows the bears are still holding the market and expected to be going strong.

Verge’s Price Prediction:

Analysts feel that the current bearish sentiment will continue for Verge for the short-term. Verge is expected to recover in the medium term and the price is expected to touch around $ 0.01 by the year end.


Long term investors should consider the future potential of Verge and invest for the long term. Short-term investors may not gain much in the current crypto market volatility as the bears are going strong.

NEO Price Analysis: NEO is up by $11.64, provides 7% growth since past 2 days.

NEO started off on a very high note on 21-July-19 with prices at $13.62 at 21:35 UTC time. It could not maintain its performance at this level and has started declining ever since. It reached as low as $10.78 on 24-July-19 at 04:25 UTC time. From 21-July-19 till 24-July-19 the movement of the coin has been quite unstable. Post 24-July-19 onwards, the coin has really got back in the game and has slowly started to rise upwards. While writing this analysis the price was stable at $11.64.

Below is the price analysis of the coin:

Current Data of NEO:

  • NEO is ranked at number 18 as on date.
  • Market value of NEO was $826,676,524 at 06:54 UTC time.
  • NEO is valued at $11.64 as per 07:08 UTC.
  • 24-hour volume figures are $279,200,727
  • 70,538,831 NEO coins remain to be traded.
  • ROI of the coin stands at 6,350.92%

NEO Price Comparison and Future Predictions:

As compared to the lowest level of our range which was $10.78 on 24-July-19 and today’s prices of NEO, the coin at present indicates a bullish movement by 7%.

Experts believe that NEO will continue to rise by tomorrow and may reach $11.85. It may be traded in the range of $12.12 and $13.57 over the next 6 months or so. After a period of one year, NEO can go as high as $16.63 with more than 41% growth.


Strongly advise to sell the existing NEO coins today. You may also trade on short term basis on the coin considering the overall efficiency and the ability of the coin. NEO has really bounced back well over the past 2 days and we believe that the coin will continue to rise further from here on. After a period of 5 years, the coin will grow by leaps and bounds and can reach $183 which is commendable.

Electroneum price dropped by more than 10% in past 5 days

The first NGO that ETN join hands with is Ubuntu Pathways which is based out of South Africa. This organization is using 80% of the funds raised by the community to the welfare of children and families who are part of this NGO. After all, Electroneum is becoming one of the friendly currencies.

Electroneum Price Analysis & Future Forecast

ETN price is currently trading at 0.00000049 BTC on 23rd July 2019. The highest price was seen on 18th July at 10:30 UTC trading at 0.00000055 BTC. The value dropped by 9.15% on 20th July at 05:20 UTC with 0.00000050 BTC. Then Electroneum price increased by 7.88% on 20th July at 11:45 UTC with trading value against 0.00000054 BTC. The value from then dropped by 12.75% on 21st July at 13:45 UTC with trading value of 0.00000047 BTC. The value then increased by 8.46% on 22nd July at 20:00 UTC with 0.00000051 BTC which is dropped by 3.92% as of now.

Electroneum has moved to strong bearish zone which means inviting more traders to ‘buy’ ETN coin that might give them some good returns in the future. However, Electroneum has a long way to go to make a special presence and space in the eyes of the investors. But, they are definitely on a right path. The resistance and support levels after yesterday’s fluctuation are seen as follows:

R3: 0.005519

R2: 0.005417

R1: 0.005304

S1: 0.005089

S2: 0.004987

S3: 0.004874

5-Day ETN Price Chart

Still waiting for Stellar to upsurge back again!

Stellar recently announced the community fund round 1 winner that includes Astograph, StellarGuard and Lumenaut Pool. However, not sure if that will help the Stellar capitalization to improve! But with the entire group of Crytpocurrency heading to the downward motion, we might be seeing a lot of bearish nature in coming days. But, it might shoot up soon enough!

Price Analysis of Stellar on 18th July 2019

The value of Stellar is currently trading at $0.08101 on 18th July 2019. The other essentials are calculated as:

  • Market Ranking: @10
  • Return of Investment: 2656.38%
  • Total supply/Circulating Supply: 105,162,759,272 XLM / 19,604,573,494 XLM
  • 24 Hour Volume: 397,522,078 USD
  • Market Cap Value: 1,607,991,930 USD
  • 7 Day high/low: 0.100108 USD / 0.075820 USD


In past 5 days, the highest was seen on 13th July at 16:55 UTC time trading at $0.09563. The value dropped by -14.60% on 15th July at 00:25 UTC time trading at $0.08175. The value dropped further down by -6.39% on 17th July at 02:45 UTC time trading at with the trading value of $0.07653. The value escalated from then by 8.91% at 21:25 UTC time on the same day trading at $0.083352.

Prediction and Conclusion

Stellar appears to proceed with the pattern today also. As yet inclining in the bearish zone! Yet, the time may be soon enough when we will see the XLM flooding back up once more. Be that as it may, it may be hard to state when that can occur.

For now, traders might want to trade under resistance support calculated as:

  • R3: 0.092131
  • R2: 0.087908
  • R1: 0.084267
  • Pivot Point: 0.080044
  • S1:0.076403
  • S2: 0.07218
  • S3: 0.068539

What’s more, with the finish of 2019, we may see the valuation of XLM of drawing closer to $0.02.