Devere CEO Expects ETH to Keep Beating BTC in 2021

Devere CEO Expects ETH to Keep Beating BTC in 2021

DeVere Group CEO, Nigel Green, believes that Ethereum will continue to do better than Bitcoin throughout the rest of this year. Nigel Green’s DeVere Group is widely recognized as one of the largest independent financial advisory firms worldwide. 

He supported his opinion in favor of Ethereum by bringing up its good performance and improvement in functionality through the last couple of months. Green pointed out that ETH is up a massive 240% at present, while BTC is only up 38% comparing years to date. 

Green credits ETH’s better performance to the fact that the Ethereum platform on which ETH operates is also very high in demand. The usability potential of Ethereum platform smart contracts is very high. As a result, Ethereum has much more impact on the industrial world as a form of financial utility. 

Green also believes that ETH’s present performance is driven by investor’s enthusiasm for the potential of the shift to ETH 2.0. ETH 2.0 is supposed to make the Ethereum platform much more scalable and secure. Green feels that the improvements that are a part of ETH 2.0 will bring about huge changes in the world of blockchains in general. 

But Green has also clarified that his enthusiasm and appreciation for Ethereum does not mean that he is pessimistic about the future of Bitcoin. He claims that he will be more conservative in his estimates about possible future gains from BTC. Green is confident that sometime this very year, BTC will also cross its record high value of $65,000 which it had hit in mid-April. 

Green feels that Ethereum is much more technically advanced than Bitcoin and will be able to capitalize on this feature in the coming five years to become a bigger player than Bitcoin. 

Green admits that ETH prices may also go up and down, but eventually, he sees ETH right at the top controlling the cryptocurrency metaverse.

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