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Tim Draper Appointed to the Board of Directors of MakeSense Labs

On September 9, 2019, MakeSense Labs announced that it had appointed venture capitalist Tim Draper to their Board of Directors. MakeSense Labs recently took the headlines on storm by launching the most talked messaging system called It is the first decentralized video and chats messaging system that uses blockchain technology for security and privacy purposes. Advanced cryptography along with a robust EOS blockchain technology ensures delivery of messages in the most secured way so that privacy is never compromised.

Draper is among the popular names who first invested for Companies like Skype, Baidu, and Tesla. His suggestion to weapon viral marketing to spread these platforms proved to be the key to their success. Draper is a notable cryptocurrency and venture capitalist who has been in the headlines since 2014 when he first invested in the crypto industry. He also purchased thirty thousand Bitcoins at a government auction. In the same year, he predicted that there would be an exponential surge in the Bitcoin prices in three years. His predictions were proved correct when the prices of Bitcoins leaped to $10,000. However, it took two months longer than what Draper had predicted.

However, before being appointed to the Board of Directors of MakeSense Labs, Draper has been associated as an active investor with Sensay Inc. He staked an undisclosed investment in Sensay. Inc through his venture capital firm named Draper Associates. It is the parent company to that created tools for improved human connection. According to John Schenk, the CFO of Sense. Chat, “we are very happy to have him on our board.” He also added, “Tim is among the most respected VCs in Silicon Valley and a major proponent for blockchain technology.”

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