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NEO Price Analysis: NEO is up by $11.64, provides 7% growth since past 2 days.

NEO started off on a very high note on 21-July-19 with prices at $13.62 at 21:35 UTC time. It could not maintain its performance at this level and has started declining ever since. It reached as low as $10.78 on 24-July-19 at 04:25 UTC time. From 21-July-19 till 24-July-19 the movement of the coin has been quite unstable. Post 24-July-19 onwards, the coin has really got back in the game and has slowly started to rise upwards. While writing this analysis the price was stable at $11.64.

Current Data of NEO:

  • NEO is ranked at number 18 as on date.
  • Market value of NEO was $826,676,524 at 06:54 UTC time.
  • NEO is valued at $11.64 as per 07:08 UTC.
  • 24-hour volume figures are $279,200,727
  • 70,538,831 NEO coins remain to be traded.
  • ROI of the coin stands at 6,350.92%

NEO Price Predictions

As compared to the lowest level of our range which was $10.78 on 24-July-19 and today’s prices of NEO, the coin at present indicates a bullish movement by 7%.

Experts believe that NEO will continue to rise by tomorrow and may reach $11.85. It may be traded in the range of $12.12 and $13.57 over the next 6 months or so. After a period of one year, NEO can go as high as $16.63 with more than 41% growth.

Strongly advise to sell the existing NEO coins today. You may also trade on short term basis on the coin considering the overall efficiency and the ability of the coin. NEO has really bounced back well over the past 2 days and we believe that the coin will continue to rise further from here on. After a period of 5 years, the coin will grow by leaps and bounds and can reach $183 which is commendable.

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