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Electroneum price dropped by more than 10% in past 5 days

The first NGO that ETN join hands with is Ubuntu Pathways which is based out of South Africa. This organization is using 80% of the funds raised by the community to the welfare of children and families who are part of this NGO. After all, Electroneum is becoming one of the friendly currencies.

Electroneum Price Analysis

ETN price is currently trading at 0.00000049 BTC on 23rd July 2019. The highest price was seen on 18th July at 10:30 UTC trading at 0.00000055 BTC. The value dropped by 9.15% on 20th July at 05:20 UTC with 0.00000050 BTC. Then Electroneum price increased by 7.88% on 20th July at 11:45 UTC with trading value against 0.00000054 BTC. The value from then dropped by 12.75% on 21st July at 13:45 UTC with trading value of 0.00000047 BTC. The value then increased by 8.46% on 22nd July at 20:00 UTC with 0.00000051 BTC which is dropped by 3.92% as of now.

Electroneum has moved to strong bearish zone which means inviting more traders to ‘buy’ ETN coin that might give them some good returns in the future. However, Electroneum has a long way to go to make a special presence and space in the eyes of the investors. But, they are definitely on a right path. The resistance and support levels after yesterday’s fluctuation are seen as follows:

R3: 0.005519

R2: 0.005417

R1: 0.005304

S1: 0.005089

S2: 0.004987

S3: 0.004874

5-Day ETN Price Chart

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